Del H. Morrill

Del H. Morrill

Personally, I think that all children should be taught hypnosis. In fact, I think hypnotherapy should be taught and used starting with preschool. I enjoy teaching children self-hypnosis so that they have a life-long tool that they can use for focus, concentration, stress reduction, academic performance, sports performance, health and wellness in for general daily living. Children and Hypnosis was written by Del H. Morrill, and is available in the Hypnosis Health Info Article Library.

Here is what Del Morrill has to say about Why Children Might Come to a Hypnotherapist: Issues, for which hypnotic methods and tools are a helpful response, include doing homework, performing better in the classroom, getting to school and liking it, improving grades, friendlessness, thumb sucking, bedwetting, nightmares and fear of the dark, stealing, low self-esteem, dealing with divorce or death in a family, illness–their own or someone in the family, and a myriad of other problems.

One of the most frequent reasons children are brought to hypnotherapists is for learning improvement. When it comes to school life, there are many problems children can develop. This may be one of the largest areas of concerns for parents, and one for which good marketing can reap good results. Such arenas as reading, writing, memory, getting homework done, grades, peer pressure and friendships, classroom deportment, self-esteem, and even wanting to be in school are effectively and easily handled, for the most part, by one or two hypnosis sessions.Read Children and Hypnosis by Del H. Morrill.

Teaching self-hypnosis to children is fun and rewarding. Kids are naturals when it comes to imagination and using hypnosis.I feel blessed to have had the honor to use hypnotherapy with many children over the years and feel very rewarded by the growth they and their parents have reported.

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