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Saturday morning as I listened to the forecast for sunshine today I giggled to myself with excitement about riding the Chilly Hilly. I thought for a moment about what is my boyish excitement about riding my bike 32.7 miles with about 4,000 other cyclists. And again, the answer was, because I can!

What is the Chilly Hilly?  With chilly February weather and 2,675 feet of Hilly climbing, the name says it all!

Chilly Hilly has been the kick off event of the Cascade Bicycle Club for the cycling season in the Northwest for the past 36 years. The 33-mile route around Bainbridge Island starts with an early morning ferry ride across Puget Sound from Seattle or you can join the crowd directly on Bainbridge Island.

Growing up overweight with with 110 extra pounds I couldn’t do things like this or if I could, I felt too fat and awkward to do them. Forget all the health benefits of being at a healthy weight, for me it is the joy of living life to the fullest – of being able to do something like this knowing that I can.

Don’t like to exercise? Self-hypnosis really can help you get off your duff and move. You don’t have to ride a bike for 33 miles, maybe for you it’s walking to the mailbox and back or using WiiFit – but, hypnotherapy can make a difference.

Monday, March 1, 2010 update: Yesterday was a beautiful day here on Bainbridge Island for the Chilly Hilly and there was a record number of riders – over 6,000! It was exciting to see my shadow! My friend Jim and I got an early start before the first boatload of cyclists arrived so we were ahead of the massive crowd. We completed the 33 mile ride in 2 hours and 15 minutes. It felt so good to ride fast and ride strong and to have sun on my face. And I loved how good I felt this morning in spin class. I found this website that shows the route and has some great photos – check out Chilly Hilly 2010.

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