Listen to Hypnosis Health Radio (show # 19, August 5, 2008) as Dr. Rayma Ditson-Sommer, PhD explains the new ChiQ – a unique and creative system for enjoying the benefits of sound and color stimulation by combining the ChiQ System with your MP3 player or IPod.

NOTE: The ChiQ is no longer available.

The ChiQ System was developed by Dr. Sommer, who has a long history combining vibration to enhance motivation and performance.  Twenty years of sound/color research and vibration development has resulted in the ChiQ color and sound system.

Everything about Dr.Sommer’s creation is top-quality: The frames, the six different colored lenses, the cushioned  style carrying pouch, and especially the ten binaural sessions that download directly to your MP3 or IPod from the CD sessions disk.

Using your ChiQ helps supply the energy you need for your body to effectively deal with the stresses of the day by adding strength and energy.  A shortage of sound and color can weaken this much needed energy source, damaging the balance and possibly weakening the immune system,  allowing disease to flourish.

The ChiQ Chromotherapy System uses colors of the spectrum. And binaural programs to enhance personal performance and / or for other Self-development purposes such as:

  • Wellness applications
  • Increase productivity
  • At repetitive or monotonous tasks as found in some types of computer work
  • Increasing a feeling of well-being and energy
  • Minimizing or eliminating stress and fears
  • Increase the ability to concentrate and study
  • Attaining peak performance in sports
  • Alter moods
  • Driving long distances using the yellow lenses as sunglasses

The six lenses of the ChiQ System includes:

  1. RED-, power, motivation, stimulating.

  2. YELLOW, positive mental energy, headache relief, improved digestion.

  3. ORANGE, Supportive, restoration, strength, fatigue, exhaustion

  4. GREEN, panic, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

  5. BLUE, Meditation, rest, relaxation, inner peace.

  6. VIOLET- Insight, focus, harmony.

The included CD contains 10 system sessions related to a designated goal in mind.  Play the corresponding System Session while using the color designed.  This will give you maximum results.  Downloading the programs to your MP3 player or IPod will make it easier to use the entire program.

The ten ChiQ System Sessions that are on the downloadable CD disk are:

  1. Developing Emotional Strength

  2. Mental Balance for Energy

  3. Changing Behaviors

  4. Healing Emotions

  5. Problem Solving & Stress Management

  6. Self Soothing & Calmness Development

  7. Self Enhancement

  8. Meditation & Rest

  9. 15 Minute “Quick Break”

  10. Deep Sleep, Insomnia

The ChiQ Manual provides complete easy-to-understand directions for maximum operation and use.

This system complies with European Directive No. 89/686/CEE and Standard Pr-En-1836: 1997.

The Vita-Link lenses are made of strengthened and hardened polycarbonate from Bayer Ag, which resists scratching, provides 100% UVA and UVB protection and complies with ANSI.Z87.1 and CE EN 166.

The frames are constructed of a high-tech pliable nylon with a comfortable nose piece.  The tips are of a soft hypoallergenic rubber for comfort over the ears and to prevent slippage.

The conclave color lenses offer comfort over prescription lenses.

The wraparound lenses guard the eyes against wind and dust.

The ChiQ is an effective and creative way to enjoy the benefits of color combined with binaural beat sessions to enhance your everyday activities.

NOTE: The ChiQ is the next step in technology from light and sound.  The colors have Hz (hertz), the sound has Hz. and combined have a profound effect on the user without threat of seizures, etc.

The ChiQ can be used for unlimited duration without harm  and is an excellent enhancement for hypnotherapy. I use it with self-hypnosis and am now incorporating into hypnotherapy sessions for sports, weight loss, stop smoking, stress reduction, insomnia, and health and for wellness.

Listen to Dr. Sommer as she describes the ChiQ on Hypnosis Health Radio, Show # 19. You can listen to Hypnosis Health Radio any time here at Hypnosis Health Info or at KKNW 1150 AM Alternative Talk Radio, Seattle, WA, on Tuesday, August 5, 2008 at 3:00 PM.

The ChiQ is now available at Hypnosis Health Info. Read ChiQ In the Olympics.

If you have used the old light and sound equipment of the past, I’d love to hear from you.

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