There is often much debate about Christianity and hypnosis. Often, the fear is that hypnosis opens one up to Satan and that you can be made to do something you don’t want to do. Actually, hypnosis is the ultimate form of control. In my book, Becoming Slender For Life, I write: “From my perspective, mindless eating is trance. And being in that mindless eating state, a gluttony trance  would seem to be of Satan. I wonder what is more of the devil; being in control of yourself or out  of control in a trance of gluttony. I am astounded at the number of overweight Christians who fear hypnosis. They are in fear of a God given solution, when they should be in fear of the problem.” Here at Hypnosis Health Info you will find several articles and other Hypnosis Health Radio shows about Christianity and hypnosis.

Show #6: Christianity and Hypnosis

Chaplain Paul Durbin of Lafayette, LA and I discuss Christianity and hypnotherapy. Chaplain Durbin is a Methodist minister, retired Army Chaplain and retired hospital Chaplain. As Christians and as hypnotherapists, we share from our experiences of hypnotherapy.

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