Chronic inflammation

A new study shows how chronic inflammation may drive down dopamine and motivation.

“When your body is fighting an infection or healing a wound, your brain needs a mechanism to recalibrate your motivation to do other things so you don’t use up too much of your energy,” says corresponding author Michael Treadway, an associate professor in Emory’s Department of Psychology, who studies the relationship between motivation and mental illness. “We now have strong evidence suggesting that the immune system disrupts the dopamine system to help the brain perform this recalibration.”

This is exciting research that hopefully will lead to new and better methods of treating depression and other mental disorders. Hypnosis can also be effective in alleviating depression and in making the healthy lifestyle changes that can reduce inflammation.

Chronic inflammation

How chronic inflammation may drive down dopamine and motivation

Source: Emory Health Sciences, June 4, 2019; “Growing evidence shows that the brain’s dopamine system, which drives motivation, is directly affected by chronic, low-grade inflammation. A new paper proposes that this connection between dopamine, effort and the inflammatory response is an adaptive mechanism to help the body conserve energy.”

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