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Did you know that hypnosis is a powerful and effective tool in healing relationships? More and more I am incorporating hypnotherapy into relationship counseling. Using hypnosis in a couples therapy session couples who come in agitated and upset with each other can get out of the I’m right and you are wrong place and more easily move into that place that Rumi referred to as the field of loving. At the Seattle hypnosis office of Roger Moore’s Counseling and Hypnotherapy LLC (and the Bainbridge Island hypnosis office) I teach couples self-hypnosis so that they can learn how to hypnotize themselves and create a healthy relationship.

In an article by Frankie Pérez, Re-Inventing Cupid, 5 Radical Shifts to Consider Before Your Next Date!, he writes about Clarifying Purpose. While this article was written for individuals seeking a partner, it applies to all relationships – even those of us who have been married for a long time. Frankie writes”

“The first shift is about clarifying the true purpose of relationship.  Most people are unclear as to what a healthy relationship is really about.  The purpose of relationship is not about finding someone to play house with.  It is not about satisfying a social agenda of adulthood and getting a ring on your finger because it is what is expected of you.  It is not about hoping to find that mythical someone who will show up to fix everything that is wrong in your life.  It is not even about avoiding loneliness.  It is about finding someone you can truly relate to, grow with, make mistakes with, communicate with, share common values and ideals with, and love unconditionally.  The word relationship implies the ability to relate to one another.  Relatedness is built on commonalities of shared inner and outer qualities more so than on differences. Before you even consider going on your next date honestly assess that your reasons are about seeking true relatedness – finding a life partner and not about fulfilling an expected social agenda.”

So if your relationship is not going well, stop focusing on your differences and start by sharing your common values, ideals and love that partner unconditionally. In fact, celebrate your differences. Learn to relate to each other by first creating a healthy relationship with yourself and self-hypnosis is a wonderful and effective way to do that. To learn more about hypnotherapy, read Moore on Hypnosis.

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to interview my friend Frankie Pérez for Hypnosis Health Radio. Frankie is a relationship counselor in Dallas, Texas, and he and attended the University of Santa Monica and completed our Master’s in Counseling Psychology. You will be able to hear Frankie and I beginning February 13, 2009, on Hypnosis Health Radio, Show # 32. Also read Demanding Greatness ~ Hypnosis and Relationship Counseling and Love Today.

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I love unconditionally.

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