Over the years I have heard so much about coconut oil and people will ask me if it is good for you or not. I have read  a great deal about coconut oil and the claims that are made about its health benefits. My cautious response when I am asked by Seattle weight loss hypnosis and Bainbridge Island weight loss hypnosis clients is, “I don’t know, but coconut oil contains a lot of fat and your goal is to reduce fat…. so be careful if you choose to use it.” If you use coconut oil or are thinking about using coconut oil this video by Dr. Michael Greger offers some insight.

Does Coconut Oil Clog Arteries?

Why not give it a try, though? Well, unlike other natural remedies, like the spice saffron, which was able to beat out placebo and seemed to work as well as a leading drug without the side effects, coconut oil is one of the rare plant sources of saturated fat, normally only found in animals, which tends to increase LDL, or bad cholesterol, the number one risk factor for our number one killer, heart disease. So hey, you want to try it on someone with Alzheimer’s for a few days to see if it makes a difference, fine. God, I’d try almost anything. But if, as expected, you don’t see an improvement, I would be hesitant to keep anyone on it long-term. Now those selling coconut oil say one needn’t worry because coconut oil contains a saturated fat that doesn’t raise cholesterol. You hear the same thing from the beef people. The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association is always going on about how beef contains a saturated fat called stearic acid. Unlike those evil saturated fats, palmitic, myristic, and lauric acids – which do increase blood cholesterol levels – stearic acid has been shown to have a neutral effect on blood cholesterol. That’s true, and beef does have stearic acid, but guess what it has twice as much of the palmitic and myristic, which they just admitted does raise cholesterol. That’s like coca cola saying they know for a fact that soda doesn’t make you gain weight, because it contains water, and water has a neutral effect on weight gain. Yeah, but that’s not the only thing in it, and the same with coconut oil. Years ago I profiled this study that found that cholesterol levels were significantly lower during a coconut oil diet—but only when compared to a butter diet. Yes you know you have a bad product when the only way you can make it look good is to compare it to diets rich in butter. Yes it made bad cholesterol go up, but not as bad as butter, but how much is that really saying. ……

Read Does Coconut Oil Clog Arteries?

Dr. John McDougall says, ” My conclusion is that coconut is a natural plant food which can have a small place in most people’s diets. As a whole food the oils are combined with the fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other plant components in a way that makes them safe. When the oil is removed by processing from its natural surroundings then it becomes a medicine at best and a toxin at worst—just like other oils (corn oil removed from corn, olive oil removed from olives, etc.)  The more processing— the worse the oil.

If you decide to include this high fat food in your diet; then realize that coconut is very rich, packed with calories and fats.  You will likely gain weight if this becomes a big part of your diet.  People with weight-dependent diseases, like type 2 diabetes and degenerative arthritis of the lower extremities should be very careful about including coconut in any form.  Otherwise, as a condiment—like other nuts and seeds—coconut will add unique flavors to your meals and provide quality nutrients.  Just think of it as a treat.  Have you ever tried to open a coconut?  One reason they are packaged in such hard shells may be to keep people from eating too much of a good thing.” Read The Newest Food-Cure: Coconut Oil for Health and Vitality

No matter what you decide about coconut oil, weight loss hypnosis can help you be in control of what you eat, how much you eat and ultimately your weight. With hypnosis for weight loss at Slender For Life™ you can lose weight and keep it off. Learn self hypnosis and be a natural healthy eater.

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