James Duncan

James Duncan

Color In Healing by James Duncan is this weeks featured article in the Hypnosis Health Info Article Library. James Duncan, CHt. is a globally recognized master of hypnotherapy and vibrational healing techniques. His courses and lectures are attended by hypnotherapists, medical professionals and holistic practitioners from around the world. I have known James for more than ten years and have great respect for him as a person and as a hypnotherapist.
I am honored to that he has so generously shared his articles with me.

Color In Healing

The key to healing energy in color is that it needs to be a communication of truth. The truth of what one color means to various people can be extremely different based on life experiences or traditions. Belief in colors’ strengths can have a large influence as well. So, if suggesting to a client that they bathe themselves in a certain color of light, it is often good to know what they perceive colors to hold in their healing qualities. Colors have many diverse and often potent qualities and meanings based on cultural consciousness. Our cultures are a part of our energy make-up and should never be disregarded.

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