Coming to terms with mortality

This past Saturday at the Beautiful Dying Expo I was reminded of the importance coming to terms with mortality. In recent years here in the U.S. talking about mortality has not been OK.

Last month I stumbled upon this post, Can We Talk … About Death?, which quoted Katie Couric, “I told them how guilty I felt about so many things about Jay’s illness and that we never really discussed, you know, even entertained the idea that he might die. I was so afraid to give up hope, and make him give up hope, that we never discussed the alternative, which I really regret.”

At the Expo, I had the pleasure to meet Lori LoCicero and Lisa Pahl who are the creators of the Death Deck. It’s the new party game that lets you explore a topic we’re all obsessed with but often afraid to discuss. It’s a great game and the perfect icebreaker to the the conversation started with your family and friends.

Tomorrow’s Ask Roger post takes on the question, “How do you define a good death?” It’s a question that I hope you will consider for yourself.

Can We Talk … About Death?

September 30, 2019: “’I honestly believe that we, as a species, will do better if we come to terms with our mortality earlier in life,’ he said in an interview on the Today show Aug. 5, 2019. ‘Get used to exercising hope within the framework of life being short and precious.’

Boomers do seem to be getting better about not only facing death, but also embracing it. The Conversation Project, Death over Dinner project, Death Cafes — all have been propelling us towards a more open view of death for nearly a decade.” ~ Dr. BJ Miller

Read Can We Talk … About Death?

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