I am often asked about complete proteins as there is a lot of mis-conception about plant based proteins. I thought the following discussion by Jeff Novick , RD might be helpful.

The incomplete protein theory: If “incomplete” means not containing all the essential amino acids then….

  1. All plant foods are complete as they contain all the essential amino acids.
  2. The only food that is not a complete protein is an animal food, gelatin.

The limiting amino acid theory: If “incomplete” means lacking in sufficient quantity of one or more amino acids

  1. Getting all the amino acids in at once at the same meal, or even in the same day, as some may suggest, is not necessary due to the amino acid pool, which is a circulating level of amino acids in the blood, that the body can draw from if needed. As long as one follows the recommendations below, the amino acid pool will maintain a sufficient stock of any potentially needed (or limiting) amino acids.
  2. However, as long as one consumes enough calories, eats a variety of food, and limits junk foods and refined foods, and is not an all fruit diet), then they will get in enough protein and enough amino acids in sufficient quantity. There will be no limiting amino acids.
  3. There is some evidence that the amino acids that are slightly lower (but adequate) in plant foods, may actually be a benefit to health and longevity and not a concern.

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I eat a wide variety of vegetables, whole grains and fruit for all my protein needs. 

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