With school starting, are you wanting to enhance your confidence? Hypnosis is the perfect tool for increasing confidence for academics, sports, business, relationships and just about anywhere else in life. At the Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge Island hypnosis offices of Roger Moore, clients learn how to hypnotize using self-hypnosis. Learn hypnosis mind control to improve your confidence and ability to focus. One way to gain confidence is to relax with my hypnosis MP3. Download Orange Blossom, now!

I came across this from Montana State University:
Practicing relaxation techniques both regularly and before/during a test can help you decrease your overall level of anxiety. Deep breathing is good because it will help you physically relax and you can do anywhere.
Positive Self-Talk:
replacing negative, catastrophic thoughts with more positive, encouraging ones (“I can do this”, “I’m well-prepared”) can help put a lid on the negative thoughts that only cause/perpetuate anxiety.
there is no substitute for studying and preparing. Try to begin studying at least a week in advance, and never go 24 hours without reviewing your material.
Take your Time
read instructions carefully, make sure you know what the questions are asking, underline keywords, etc. Plan to be the last person done; this will remove any pressure or anxiety to “finish first”.
Be early:
get to class early so you don’t feel rushed, can sit where you want, and compose yourself before the test
Don’t panic!
if you don’t know the answer, take a moment to relax and think. If you still don’t know it, use common sense and good test-taking strategies. Do whatever you can to eliminate incorrect options to improve your chances of picking the right answer. On essay questions, try to remember as much as you can and elaborate on those points; partial credit is better than no credit.
focus only on the test and not the final grade, what that grade might mean, how the grade may impact your financial aid, etc. Avoiding these catastrophic thoughts will help you stay focused on the task at hand.
Practice good self-care:
eating well, getting enough sleep, exercising, and having a balanced study schedule can help you not only before a test, but also keep you healthy throughout the semester.

School is starting and the air is filled with excitement and dread. Whether you are excited about school starting or dreading it, hypnosis can be the perfect tool for you to enhance your confidence. Hypnosis really works for academics, sports, business, relationships and just about anything else in life.

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