Moore-On-HypnosisWith all the myths and stories about hypnosis its really easy to be confused. Moore On Hypnosis, by Roger Moore, is an article that I wrote that explains my view of hypnotherapy based on years of study and experience with hundreds of clients since 1997.

Excerpt from Moore On Hypnosis

We move from one trance state to another trance state . . we are always in trance. When you get in the car and drive to the grocery store and don’t remember the space in between, you’ve been in a driving trance. As you’re driving down the road and you hear the first note of a song that you haven’t heard in years and you immediately beginning singing the words, that’s a radio trance. When you’re watching TV and you burst out laughing or jump with fright, you’re in a TV trance. (Advertisers are counting on it.) And when you sit down to a meal and you eat much too fast, that’s an eating trance.

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