Continuing on with weight loss hypnosisEven when you reach your healthy ideal weight it’s important that you continue on with weight loss hypnosis. One of the conditions of being human is that we take on a new behavior that allows us to achieve our goal and then we stop doing that successful behavior and wonder why we are in trouble. Those of us who have lost weight still have to eat and we forever are living with the sight, sound, smell, taste, social, holiday, cultural are religious aspects of food. As humans we commune over food. That’s all good until we go back to old behaviors of making it about the food rather than the communion. Hypnosis for weight loss allows you to be in control of you, the food you eat and how much you eat. Learn hypnosis and maintain your healthy ideal weight.

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Slender For Life™ hypnotic weight loss is a conditioning process requiring repetition and practice in the beginning. This little bit of effort is absolutely worth it. Very soon you will be amazed at how easy and effortless your new living, eating and exercise habits are becoming. Healthy new habits you are able to control for the rest of your life.

George is a good case in point. He reached his target weight goal by sticking with the program and doing self-hypnosis. “I became a light meat eater, and the transition was easy. I don’t ever feel stuffed anymore, and I don’t miss over-indulging in chips and desserts.” However, you may be thinking that once you have read this book and listened to all the CDs you are done. Think again.

If you are serious about changing your life, you need more than a few weeks to change your behaviors. It takes at least 22 weeks of consistency to make a new behavior a habit.

For best results, continue using the Slender For Life™ program throughout your life.

Clients often tell me that when they learn how to take their weight off and keep it off, they discover other areas of their life change as well. The issues that cause one to be overweight are the same issues that hold us back elsewhere in life. If someone is overeating out of fear, it’s that fear that prevents successful personal relationships, greater career success or success in other areas.

This is the impact Rhonda has felt in her life since getting slender for life. “I didn’t realize I was signing on for a personal spiritual journey. A lot has changed—my thinking, my behavior, my emotions and my body. In the beginning I couldn’t even imagine what I’d look like at my goal weight.”

From Becoming Slender For Life, second edition,
pages 195

I have never met a former Slender For Life™ client who regained weight and who continued using self hypnosis. NEVER. People who achieve their ideal weight and maintain their ideal weight use self hypnosis several times a day, every day. You are constantly being bombarded with hypnotic suggestions. You can either be influenced by the random suggestions you receive throughout the day or you can use hypnosis and be in control of the trance that you are in.

Here are some examples of the hypnosis suggestions that you may receive throughout the day: “Here, have another cookie, I made them just for you.” Watching American Idol and seeing the judges with their Coke glasses. Being served 5 servings of pasta in a restaurant rather than just 1 serving. Watching the shoot them up depressing TV shows and then having a commercial telling you how much better you will feel by getting a Blizzard at DQ. All of these are very powerful suggestions that over time can have influence on you. Learn hypnosis so that you are in control of you.

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I easily reach and maintain my ideal weight.

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