Corn and Squash Soup ~ Slender For Life™ RecipesCorn and Squash Soup is this weeks featured meal from the Slender For Life™ recipes and it’s our meal of the week. This has been a favorite hearty winter meal for several years – so long that we no longer know where we found the original recipe. There is no added fat, its filling and it’s comforting. Weight loss hypnosis can help you to learn to actually enjoy eating vegetables. I grew up on a lot of commercially canned vegetables and I hated them. As an adult, my vegetables were always cooked with lots of animal fat and cheese. Thanks to hypnosis for weight loss, I changed my eating habits and lost over 110 pounds. Then, I discovered fresh and frozen vegetables. Oh my – it was like having a whole world of amazing tastes ready for my enjoyment. You can eat a lot of vegetables and lose weight!

Corn and Squash Soup

This is a delicious autumn soup, and virtually fat-free. You must use a very good squash and fresh, sweet corn for this, for those are the ingredients that most define the flavor. If you can’t get Tahitian squash, try Kabocha, Buttercup, or Hubbard.

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Marilyn doubles this recipe, leaves out the cilantro, uses cumin out of the jar rather than the “lightly roasted & ground cumin” and she adds in thyme, coriander, basil, curry and pepper. When it’s in our bowls, we top it with fresh salsa. It’s in the big pot on the stove cooking right now and I’m getting hungry as I write this. It smells so goooood!

Hypnosis for weight loss can help you make healthy, satisfying food choices that allow you to lose weight, improve your health and enjoy delicious meals.

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