Covid fatigue

On Thursday, June 4, at 9:00 AM John Sloan and I discussed  Covid fatigue ~ Taming tigers into kittens. People tell me about how they feel stressed, anxious, irritable, feeling on edge and that they have been eating more, unable to sleep, unmotivated and often experience racing thoughts. If this describes you, listen in and find out how you can make friends with fear, stress and anxiety.

During the first couple of weeks of quarantine many felt like they were on vacation. They got to hang out in their jammies with their family. But now, just over two months later – it seems like its been an eternity. We want to see and hug our family and friends, go out to eat, go to the gym and to the beach and take off those masks.

Of course the problem is that Covid 19 is just as real, just as infectious and just as deadly as it was in January. Covid 19 isn’t taking the summer off. So far, over 100,000 Americans (more than 370,000 worldwide) have tragically died from this virus.

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Covid fatigue

Honoring George Floyd

I mourn the violent death of yet another black American, George Floyd. Let us use the anger and heartbreak that we feel to create change within ourselves. Let us each choose to be the change that we wish to see in this world.

Make friends with fear, anxiety and stress

Taming tigers into kittens

Living with Covid fatigue

I’ve had some people ask for hypnosis help to end their fears and anxieties but I do think that there is a better alternative. Rather than trying to get rid of fear or trying to deny or cover it up, what if you could learn to calmly live with it without the anxiety? What if your Covid tigers became kittens?

Personally, I think that there is so much that we don’t know about Covid-19 that we have every reason to have a level of fear. We should be cautious and we should act responsibly. I’m particularly sensitive to being cautious because my wife has a compromised immune system and many of my clients are living with autoimmune disease, cancer and other compromised immune system illnesses. I feel an obligation to live and act safely to protect them. My obligation does create a level of fear.

But there is a difference between being paralyzed by fear and using that fear as a reminder to pay attention and to act responsibly. This is what I call taming tigers into kittens – it’s making friends with the tigers and using them as a source of strength and resilience.

I use these same mindfulness self-hypnosis techniques that I will talk about and teach to you in this webinar. These techniques are a few of the techniques that I teach to all of my clients.

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I tame tigers into kittens.

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