I just found the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine‘s (PCRM) public service announcements on children’s nutrition. I especially like Crash Course.

Childhood obesity is preventable and yet for the first time since the civil war kids today have a shorter life expectancy that the older generations. I think that is simply deplorable. There is no excuse for this and we must change this trend.

One of the ways that you can support children with healthy eating is by only have vegetables, fruits and whole grains available for meals and snacks and by encouraging exercise. Turn the TV off, limit the amount of computer and video game time. You can also teach children how to use their natural gift of hypnosis to their benefit. Not only can children use self-hypnosis to crave vegies instead of Twinkies, they can use hypnotherapy to improve their sports and academics.

Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I teach children the importance of giving care to their body.