Crazy or Brilliant? Extreme Home Remedies for Pain

Right now – in bathrooms, bedrooms or at the kitchen sink – people across the world are trying rather unusual home remedies to cure their pain. The primal instinct to get rid of pain can lead to desperate actions, including fighting fire with fire.

“Very often the scenario is that they’re looking for a magic wand,” said Dave Patterson, a psychologist who treats chronic pain patients at the University of Washington’s Department of Rehabilitation Medicine in Seattle. “They tend to seek medical solutions when there are no medical solutions.”

While emotions and thoughts can drive some people into harmful scams, the same feelings can help heal them.

Clinical studies have shown that people’s belief about a treatment can actually improve their condition. It’s called the placebo effect — when a person’s pain symptoms get better even on a sugar pill.

Hitting yourself on the head with a hammer to get the pain to stop is bizarre – I suppose it feels so good when you stop. But here is what I do know. Time and time again, studies have shown that hypnotherapy is a powerful remedy for pain. In my own experience, I have used hypnosis to deal with pain ranging from a broken toe to back pain to head aches – even a migraine. Clients have used self-hypnosis with Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowell Syndrome, cancer and other major surgeries, giving birth and in recovery from major trauma such as a auto accident.

I had the privilege recently of listening to a talk by a cancer survivor who told how she attributes hypnosis as a major component of her recovery. Hypnotherapy works!