Put hypnosis to work for you and create good health habits. Are you over weight? Do you eat junk food, fast food and drink soda? Are you a smoker? Are you a couch potato? Do you have other bad health habits? The get hypnosis help and create positive changes in your life. Learn self-hypnosis and change your lifestyle.

Good and Bad Health Habits in U.S.
A Center for Disease Control study shows that 6  in 10 American adults were regular drinkers but only about 3 in 10 regularly exercise. Overall, researchers say that since 1997, rates of cigarette smoking have declined by several percentage points, rates of obesity have climbed, and rates of alcohol use, exercise, and sleep have remained relatively unchanged.

  • Alcohol Use: Men were more likely than women to be drinkers, and women were more likely than men to abstain from alcohol. White people were more likely than African-Americans, Asians, Native Americans, or Alaska Natives to be drinkers. The more educated people were, the more likely they were to drink.
  • Cigarette Smoking: One in five adults were smokers, and more than half (58.5%) had never smoked cigarettes. Four in 10 smokers tried to quit smoking in the last year.
  • Exercise: About six in 10 adults engaged in at least some leisure-time physical activity, and about three in 10 regularly engaged in some physical activity.
  • Body Weight: Six in 10 adults were obese or overweight.
  • Sleep: Six in 10 adults usually slept 7 to 8 hours in a 24-hour period. Read Good and Bad Health Habits in U.S.

For the past year the press has been filled with the health care reform debate. I firmly believe that we absolutely must reform health care – and that it begins with each of us individually.  Much of the sky rocketing health care costs are do to preventable diseases caused by obesity, smoking, unhealthy eating and lack of exercise.

If you have bad health habits then learn self-hypnosis and create positive changes in your life that put you on the path to good health. Hypnosis can help you make lifestyle changes that are long lasting so put hypnosis to work for you and your family.

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