In Paradise Lost, John Milton said that the mind is its own place, and in itself can make heaven out of Hell and hell out of Heaven. This past week I have witnessed several clients who were caught up in all that was wrong in their life and had lost sight of all the good in their life. The experiences they shared were past traumas and yet their mental, emotional and physical reality was as if these events were occurring in that moment. They were wrapped up in the negative self hypnosis trance of fear and anxiety.

When we are stressed, when we are fearful, we begin to look for everything that is wrong and we filter out all that is good. If someone is five minutes late in picking you up, you spend four minutes and fifty-nine seconds remembering every other time that person was late. And then you add to it all other memories (real or imagined) of every time someone else showed up late in your life, or worse yet, just didn’t show up at all! And with these thoughts of disappointment you feel hurt, sad, fearful, unloved and angry. Then it’s off to the races in the Fight or Flight Response which triggers an even more eager negative fantasy adventure which produces an even stronger Fight or Flight Response. Your brain filters out that you may love the person that is late and filters all that is good and kind about the person who is picking you up.

Is this internal temper tantrum, this anxiety attack, sounding familiar? I’ve yet to meet anyone with a pulse that doesn’t experience this in one form or another. I know that I sure do. I think that making hell out of Heaven is part of being human.

When you spin out of control with the negative thoughts and emotions you are in a powerful trance. Your body reacts just as if it’s being attacked creating toxins that weaken your immune system leaving you feeling exhausted. The internal atmosphere that is created is toxic and abusive, beating you down and holding you back.

Your mind is designed to filter out large amounts of information keeping you from going mad. You simply cannot pay conscious attention to every single detail being collected with what you see, what you hear, what you smell, what you taste and what you feel. For instance, you probably aren’t thinking about the little toe on your left foot. And now you are. When you are focused on the fear and anxiety your mind filters out the love, joy and goodness in your life.

In Michael Yapko’s book, Mindfulness and Hypnosis, he writes that “in hypnosis the client is encouraged to create an internal atmosphere that is supportive, gentle and empowering.” When we create hell out of Heaven we are being abusive, harsh and disempowering. But, you can change this.

To me, creating heaven out of Hell is all about mindfulness, or as I often say, being present and conscious in my body – aware of my feet on the floor, my butt in the chair and aware of my breath. In this time of awareness, I know that I am OK. That no matter what may be going on around me; I am still OK in that moment. And, when I am OK in the moment – not wrapped up in the trauma of the past or fear of the future, I can create heaven out of Hell. I can let go of the hurt and fear and focus on the love, joy and goodness in my life. I can be supportive, gentle and empowering.

In my Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge Island hypnosis offices you learn self hypnosis so that you can purposefully take control of the trance that you are in – so that you can be mindful. With hypnosis you can move out of the addictive cycle of fear and anxiety and create an internal atmosphere that is supportive, gentle and empowering. Learn hypnosis and create heaven out of Hell in your life.

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I am supportive, gentle and empowering.

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