Ideal Scene

An Ideal Scene describes in detail how you want to be and the outcome that you want to achieve. It is an opportunity for you to get specific about the details in your life.

A crucial step in the Becoming the Greatest Expression of You process is Mental Rehearsal. This is a detailed step by step plan on your beingness and/or on how you want an event to occur. I’ve come to realize that many people may have a goal but they don’t have a clear vision of the outcome that they wish to achieve. Someone may tell me that they want to lose weight, but they haven’t really thought about how they will be different or how their life will be different at their ideal weight. Someone else may tell me that they don’t want to be so anxious but they haven’t put energy into what it will be like for them to be relaxed.

If you don’t know how you or your life will be different, it’s almost impossible to Mentally Rehearse the details of getting there. It frequently happens that a client who has never been to Fargo will have a better mental picture of Fargo than they do of the achievement of their goal.

An Ideal Scene can be a great way for you to get specific about what it is that you truly want.

Ideal Scene

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What is your Ideal Scene?

Create your Ideal Scene

Create an Ideal Scene for multiple aspects in your life. You might have one for your relationship, you might have a professional Ideal Scene. You might make one for parenting, a vacation, retirement or a sporting event. Use these steps:

  • Pick a topic and give it a title
  • Put your name on your Ideal Scene
  • To help you to memorize Joy, draw a heart and write your Greatest Expression of You in the heart
  • Around the heart, write several hypnosis suggestions that you can use to remind yourself who it is that you are becoming. Connect these suggestions to the heart with a line.
  • You may also wish to add, “This or something greater for the highest good of all concerned” to your Ideal Scene.
  • Post your Ideal Scene in your office, save it on your computer and have it as am image on your cell phone and tablet.
  • Read it, meditate on it, mentally rehearse it, mentally rehearse joy and give thanks for your success.
  • Use these suggestions and other supportive suggestions with self-hypnosis throughout your day to remind yourself who it is that you are becoming.

Powerful process

If you commit to it and use it, your Ideal Scene can be a powerful addition to your Greatest Expression of You. I’d love it if you would share your Ideal Scenes with me. And please, let me know how you are using it and the results that you achieve.

Be sure to look at the examples below.

Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I am filled with gratitude, peace and love as I gently and joyfully give care to me.


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Ideal Scene
Ideal Scene
Ideal Scene

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