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Sitting at the table next to me the other morning were two guys who were discussing their “CrossFit Paleo Diet.” When you are sitting inches from each-other, it’s hard not to hear every word spoken in conversations. I was trying to read my book, but as a weight loss hypnosis specialist, I was particularly interested in what they had to say.

They had just come from their CrossFit workout. Each one had their own Paleo breakfast. They both had hard-boiled eggs and almonds. One also was eating an avocado.

Mostly they did the guy thing of talking about how much weight they could lift. One of them talked about how much he missed beans, rice and potatoes. As we neared Seattle, one of the men acknowledged that he was concerned about eating Paleo. He has been experiencing some digestive challenges since he started it.

As they talked, I recalled this article from Dr. Michael Greger. I hope you will follow the link and read the whole article and that you will watch his video.

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As a Seattle weight loss hypnosis specialist I have for the past 20 years supported hundreds of people with a whole foods plant-based lifestyle. People often say that they could never give up meat and dairy. Someone recently said, “Wow, that’s radical.” I smiled and said, “Yes, radical changes do produce radical results.”

My daughter-in-law first challenged us to try the McDougall Plan. We followed it for about 6 weeks, I lost weight and felt great. Of course it was a diet and when it ended I went out and got a big hamburger, fries and a huge chocolate malt. As usual, I put all the weight back on plus more.

In my hypnosis certification course, I volunteered for a weight loss demonstration. It worked! I stopped using food as a drug and ended mental and emotional eating. I began to exercise and discovered I liked how I felt as a result.

After much diet research, I discovered that the evidence to support a whole-plant based lifestyle is overwhelming. There is research going back for more than 100 years. For 90% of the last 20 or so million years, humans ate a diet almost exclusively of plant foods.

20 years ago, I lost 115 pounds and I’ve kept it off. Hypnosis for weight loss can help you too. If you are ready for radical results and want to lose weight and keep it off, schedule your free weight loss hypnosis consultation now.

crossfit paleo diet

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Since 1997, Seattle Weight Loss with Roger Moore has helped hundreds of people to make healthy lifestyle changes that allow them to take weight off and most importantly, KEEP IT OFF. Located in the Medical Dental Building in downtown Seattle, on Bainbridge Island and online across the U.S. and around the world.

The Hypnosis Health Info Virtual Office is very much like using Skype or FaceTime with your family and friends – only it’s more stable and secure. Most people forget that they are online and that we aren’t in the same room. Online hypnosis and online counseling have become so common that some people in Seattle choose to meet online from their office to save travel time. For some, they are unable to travel even a few miles and online therapy makes it possible for them.

Diets don’t work so forget about the CrossFit Paleo Diet and whatever other diet du jour you may be considering. For lasting lifestyle change call or email now and schedule your free weight loss hypnosis consultation.


Paleo Diet May Undermine Benefit of CrossFit Exercise, Michael Greger, M.D., September 6, 2016: “But a new study published in the International Journal of Exercise Science is pretty concerning. Researchers took young healthy people, put them on a Paleolithic diet along with a CrossFit-based, high-intensity circuit training exercise program.

If you lose enough weight exercising, you can temporarily drop your cholesterol levels no matter what you eat. After ten weeks of hardcore workouts and weight loss, the participants’ LDL cholesterol still went up. And it was even worse for those who started out the healthiest. Those starting out with excellent LDL’s (under 70), had a 20% elevation in LDL cholesterol, and their HDL dropped. Exercise is supposed to boost our good cholesterol, not lower it.

The paleo diet’s deleterious impact on blood fats was not only significant, but substantial enough to counteract the improvements commonly seen with improved fitness and body composition. Exercise is supposed to make things better.

Read Paleo Diet May Undermine Benefit of CrossFit Exercise

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