Since I wrote Wednesday about hot dogs causing butt cancer I thought this report that cured meats may worsen COPD was apropos. According to the report, eating more than 1 slice of ham, bacon, salami or other cured meats may cause a COPD flare-up. These meats may be attractive to people with COPD. They don’t have to be prepared so if you have trouble cooking, like many people with COPD do, they are easy and accessible. There are simple, easy and affordable ways to make healthy meals. Clients at my Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge Island hypnosis offices learn self-hypnosis for stress reduction to facilitate easier breathing and to make life-style changes that support their health and wellness.

Eating More Than 1 Slice of Ham Per Day May Raise Risk of COPD Flares

WebMD Health News, March 9, 2012: People with the lung disease COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) who overdo it on bacon, salami, and other cured meats may be at greater risk for experiencing a flare-up that lands them back in the hospital.

COPD is the umbrella term for chronic lung diseases including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. People with COPD often experience a worsening of their breathlessness and other symptoms (exacerbations) throughout the course of their disease. These flare-ups can result in hospital stays.

New research in the European Respiratory Journal suggests that people with COPD who ate more than one slice of ham or the equivalent of another type of cured meat each day were more likely to have a flare-up that sends them back to the hospital, when compared with their counterparts who did not eat as much cured meat.

Previous studies have suggested that eating cured meat may make a person more likely to develop COPD in the first place. The new study, however, shows it may also worsen disease in people who already have it.

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Besides eating hot dogs as a kid growing up, I surely ate a lot of bacon and lunch meat. I remember sandwiches in the summer made from ground lunch meat, pickles and Miracle Whip. Back then, I thought that was really special – especially when I got to turn the crank on the grinder for the meat and pickles. As a young adult, I graduated to salami (and lots of sharp cheddar cheese – no more Velveeta for me!).

Today the thought of eating lunch meat and Miracle Whip nauseates me and when I look at salami or cheese, all I see is the fat. Thanks to hypnosis, healthy eating and exercise, I changed my eating habits and as a result I lost over 100 pounds.

People with COPD can improve their health with hypnosis, healthy eating and exercise too. With self-hypnosis your breathing can be relaxed and easy.

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