Cutting through the B.S. of reading a food label is challenging at best. Jeff Novick’s Rule #1 is: “Never, ever believe what’s written on the front of a food package.” It is important to read the ingredients and to understand the label. In this video Jeff talks about two items that Slender For Life™ weight loss hypnosis clients frequently ask about: Granola and non-dairy milk. Jeff offers some excellent advice.

Label Reading – How to Cut Through the B.S.

Dietitian Jeff Novick spent nearly 3 hours going through every aisle of a large supermarket, deconstructing label reading, showing how to know what’s healthy, and what’s not. You can watch the whole thing!

His easy 3-point system is quick, easy to learn, and is one course you want to pass — so you can insure excellent HEALTHY choices when shopping.

Read Label Reading – How to Cut Through the B.S.

Weight Loss – Reading Labels

Fat: All we really need is 3 – 5 of our total calories from essential fats. In the US, most people are getting 35% of their calories from fat and often not essential fats. When buying packaged products, stay with 20% or less of total calories from fat.

Sodium: You should have 250 mg. or less of sodium per day. 1 tsp of salt is 2200 mg. The US daily average of sodium intake is 3,000 to 5,000 mg per day. (10% of this comes from the salt shaker, most of the rest from processed foods).

Sugar: Sugar & carbs are our main source of energy. The brain needs about 500 calories from sugar per day. The issue is not total sugar but added (refined) sugar. There should be no added sugar in the first 3 – 5 ingredients. the average American gets 20% of their calories from refined sugar – about 140# to 150# per year.

Carbohydrates: since 1980, 90% of carbs in US come from white flour. When reading Nutrition Facts, don’t be concerned with Total Carbs – but do be concerned with added/refined carbohydrates. Make sure that the ingredients read “whole” grains – accept nothing less.

Read Weight Loss – Reading Labels

Remember that just because it says “0” fat doesn’t mean that there is no fat. The Pam label says zero fat and yet the only ingredient is fat.

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