Last week on vacation I had a great time relaxing and cycling Salt Spring Island. I use self hypnosis throughout each day – even on vacation and I especially use it for bike rides. This vacation was a time of rest and relaxation. The weather was amazing – blue sky and sun everyday! The Island wildlife is abundant. The local produce is rich with color and flavor and the people are friendly and giving. Salt Spring Island should be on your bucket list of places to visit. If you go, be sure to be there Saturday morning for the Ganges market. It’s great fun and lots of vegetables, fruit, local bread and many artisans with their crafts. And, for a great place to stay, checkout the Boat House at Daffodil Cottage.

Cycling Salt Spring Island

Ride safe. Pay attention to rapidly changing road conditions and to traffic.

Don’t count on the bike lanes: They are rutted, suddenly disappear and have loose gravel. There are times that the safest place to ride is in the center of the car lane.

Maintain control on Lee’s Hill and riding down the hill into Ganges. You can pick up lots of speed, but both roads have ruts and at times strong winds.

Have fun!

Click here for an excellent bike map of Salt Spring Island

I use self hypnosis before I get on my bike about riding safely and vision returning safely. I mentally rehearse the ride as I know it making sure that I am mentally prepared for a fun, safe and strong ride. While I ride, I give myself suggestions such as, “I got this,” “I have strength and power,” “My legs are strong and powerful pistons propelling me up this hill.”

The Boat House is at Daffodil Cove Cottage.

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I ride with joy, strength and power.

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