As much as I love cycling on Salt Spring Island it is very challenging. Self-hypnosis makes it easier and as a result, more fun. Riding my bike on Salt Spring Island has become a favorite part of my vacation time. This was our fifth visit to Salt Spring and our fourth visit to the Boat House. Each year my bike comes with me and I quickly notice that the hills have not gotten any smaller – nor have the roads improved. I use hypnosis for strength, endurance and safety.

If you are a cyclist, you will want to ride on Salt Spring Island. The scenic beauty is breathtaking and the hills are both challenging and fun. The hills are long and often steep. There is very little that is flat so you are mostly either peddling to go up hill or are flying at high speeds going down.  There are few bike lanes and I usually ride just to the left of the white line anyway. The bike lanes are crumbling, or slope down toward the ditch and often have loose gravel – so don’t count on them. I have always found the motorists to be courteous and give at least 3 feet when passing.

Before I  start any ride, I take a moment and use self-hypnosis. I visualize riding safely with strength and speed. If I know the route, I picture the entire ride in a few seconds. During the ride I give myself suggestions of strength and endurance. I visualize safely making a curve at a fast speed as I enter the curve. As I climb hills, I picture an steam engine room with coal being shoveled into the firey furnace. My legs are powerful pistons as my feet dance on the pedals with the hypnotic spin of the wheels. I can hear my personal trainer saying, “”You’ve got this, Roger.” My self-talk is “I can do this,” “I got this.”

If you are into sports like cycling, or just enjoy pedaling around the neighborhood – or even going for a walk – learn hypnosis and put it to work for you.

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