Daily Practice

“The daily practice of successful habits requires a disciplined commitment to yourself.

Daily practice is a reflection on your focus and your intention. Daily practice is being mindful. When you become distracted (mindless) and get caught up in the daily stress of life and the myriad of to-dos on your list, you are not focused on being your “Best Self” or on accomplishing your goals. You are focused on your fears and most likely have forgotten to breathe deeply; your breath has become short and shallow in the chest almost as if you’ve stopped breathing.” (Roger Moore, November/December Desert Health news).

The daily practice of successful habits requires a disciplined commitment to yourself. It’s just not enough to exercise the habits that make us better only once. Your daily practice is as important as keep breathing.

For the past 25 years I have promoted the importance of daily practice for self-hypnosis, exercise and healthy plant-based eating. In my Slender For Life™ weight loss hypnosis program people who have incorporated these daily practices into their lifestyle maintain their healthy ideal weight. As a result of abandoning these daily practices, people regain weight.

Daily practice

Prepare your mind, body and soul

As Cory Booker says, daily practices center you, fortify your spirit and prepare your mind, body and soul for the day ahead. On the other hand, so many people start their day mindlessly. As a result, they create negative future fantasies of overwhelm, failure or hopelessness.

I invite you to prepare your mind, body and soul by starting each day with a daily practice of self-hypnosis. Since you can do this in as little as a minute, you have many opportunities throughout your day for self-hypnosis.

I’m happy to help you to develop a healthy daily practice to fortify your spirit and prepare your mind, body and soul for your day. We can meet online from your home, office, RV, hotel or wherever in the world you may be. Call me at 760-219-8079 or send me and email. Together, we can create a hypnosis program to meet your needs.

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Keep Breathing

Last summer we were blessed with the opportunity to spend six weeks in our travel trailer visiting family and friends in Washington State. In an RV park near Seattle, I noticed a gentleman sitting on a rock wall every morning as I walked our dog. His name was Earl, and he loved to talk to everyone who passed by.
One morning, I noticed balloons tied to his car and I had to ask him about them. It was his 101st birthday (and yes, he still drove his car)! I wished him a happy birthday and as we chatted, I just had to ask him his secret to a long life. “Keep breathing,” he responded. “Just keep breathing.”

Read Keep Breathing by Roger Moore

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My daily practice centers me, fortifies my spirit and prepares my mind, body and soul.

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