I was amazed to learn that the average American is estimated to consume over 600 pounds of dairy products per year. It was just over 20 years ago that I stopped eating dairy. As I think about it, I probably ate and drank more than 600 pounds of cheese and ice cream per year. I thought nothing of lobbing off thick hunks of cheese for a sandwich as an afternoon or bedtime snack and making a thick malt with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Of course then I weighed 115 pounds more than I do now, I had high blood pressure and I was borderline diabetic.

Studying the evidence that dairy is detrimental to your health convinced me intellectually, but there was that period of time when my imaginative unconscious mind had me craving (and some times caving in) for that hunk of cheese or carton of ice cream. Today, thanks to self-hypnosis, I have a large amount of no desire for dairy products in any form. And my blood pressure and blood sugar are well within healthy limits. You too can easily learn hypnosis for your health. Call or email me now and find out how effortless it is.

7 Ways Milk and Dairy Products
Are Making You Sick

Forks Over Knives, Posted on March 19, 2016 in Wellness

By Sofia Pineda Ochoa, MD

  1. Even Organic Milk Usually Contains Hormones
  2. Casein From Dairy = Increased Risk of Cancer Development
  3. Higher Risk of Type 1 Diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis
  4. Even Pasteurized Milk Contains Microorganisms
  5. Dairy Products Accumulate Pesticides in High Concentrations
  6. Increased Exposure to Antibiotic Residue
  7. Dairy Can Lead to Bone Problems Too

Read 7 Ways Milk and Dairy Products Are Making You Sick

Yesterday my post was Meat, including chicken is bad for you and if you search Hypnosis Health Info you will find hundreds of posts on how meat and dairy cause cancer, diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disease, kidney failure and a host of other illnesses. The good news is that you can learn hypnosis and make the healthy lifestyle changes that can improve your health.

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