The Dallas Hypnosis Convention 2012 is April 19 – 21, and I am excited! I am especially excited about Saturday, April 21. I will be speaking 1:30-5:00, on “If It’s Not About The Food … Then What?”  There are countless diets available today and people can lose weight on most any diet.  Few people succeed in attaining their goal and maintaining that goal weight throughout their life.  Even people who have had stomach surgery struggle to keep the weight off and sometimes gain it back.  Diets don’t work and it’s not about the food!  If taking the weight off and keeping it off is not about the food then what is it all about?

“If It’s Not About The Food … Then What? “ will explore six mental and emotional roadblocks that keep people from losing the weight.

  • Commitment:  What are the stages of change?
  • Discomfort:  Food as a drug of choice.
  • Inner Control:  After all of these failures, will I ever be successful?
  • Perfectionism:  Since I’ve eaten the cookie I’ve blown the whole day.
  • Secondary Gain:  This weight is protection?
  • Stress Eating:  Coping with life.

Each of these roadblocks will be explored and methods of working with them will be offered.  Be more successful with your weight loss clients.  Find out how to ascertain your client’s roadblocks and offer them the tools to progress through these barriers so that they may take the weight off and keep it off.

The 2012 Dallas Hypnosis Convention

April 19-21, 2012 and April 22

This year’s convention will feature expert speakers that can provide you with tools for effective counseling, social work and clinical hypnotherapy. Here are just some of the highlights:

April 19: Medical Hypnotherapy with Michael Ellner and Richard Nongard. As healthcare reform takes shape in the next two years, you will want to be a part of the preventative care mandates. You will also learn processes and methods of pain control treatment, building immune response and integrating hypnotherapy into cancer treatment.

April 20: In addition to our annual Firewalk Dinner, held on Friday night, featured speakers will include Will Horton, Psy.D., William Mitchell, M.Div. and Kweethai Neill, Ph.D. We will also have 9 breakout sessions to choose from, all offering practical skills and CEU credit.

April 21: Steve G. Jones, Ed.S. will be a featured speaker, showing you how to increase students test taking performance using effective methods of clinical hypnosis. Roger Moore, will demonstrate tools for use in couples counseling and Richard Nongard will address Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. Other featured speakers include Scott Sandland, and Melissa Roth.

April 22: Our Sunday morning post-convention workshops include three hours of professional ethics and a great program with John Cerbone.

We have many other featured speakers and topics, including Kevin Cole, John Clessattle and many others. You will want to be a part of the future of hypnotherapy by attending this convention.

You may attend one day, two days or all four days. CEU credit will be awarded each day for social workers, mental health professionals, and registered nurses.

Saturday morning I will be talking about Hypnotically Enhanced Couples Communication in Counseling and how I utilize hypnosis in couples counseling to promote lasting change.

The Dallas Hypnosis Convention is a creation of Richard Nongard who brings new challenges and experiences to us everyday.

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