Daniel Cleary

Changing Pains by Daniel F. Cleary, C.Ht., is this weeks featured article in the Hypnosis Health Info Article Library. If you are living with pain, this is an excellent article that can help you understand pain and suffering. It also offers you solid tools that you can use for reducing or eliminating pain. Clients in my Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge Island hypnosis office learn these tools and more for overcoming pain so that they can lead a happy and more productive life.

Changing Pains

Pain and Suffering
Pain is the perception of a signal from the body. This signal is a notification of injury or illness. Pain, in this context, is a good thing. Without this warning system we would not survive. When we begin to react emotionally to the pain we may begin to suffer. Suffering includes anxiety, frustration, even guilt, and the fear that the pain will continue. Suffering is reflected in the relationship struggles common with chronic pain conditions. Suffering is found in the helplessness and depression that often follows seemingly endless doctor visits with no improvement.

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Are you living with pain? Have you suffered enough? If so, contact me and learn how hypnosis can help you overcome the pain and put an end to the suffering. If you live too far away from Puget Sound, we can create a program with phone and Skype support for you.

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