At the weight loss hypnosis program Slender For Life™, I frequently talk about eating consciously. Or, as Dr. Dean Ornish, MD refers to, mindfulness. In both my Seattle weight loss office and Bainbridge Island weight loss office I stress the importance eating slowly, eating consciously, being aware of your feet on the floor, your seat in the chair and aware of your breath.Learn how to hypnotize yourself with the FREE HYPNOSIS VIDEO, Light Switch Self-Hypnosis.

I came across a Wild Divine Q & A with Dr. Dean Ornish, article on mindfulness in which he said: “Mindfulness is just the practice of paying attention to something. Meditation helps to promote mindfulness, because when you pay attention to something you do it better.

And on the sensual level, when you pay more attention to something, whether it is food, music, sex, art, or massage, you enjoy it more fully and you don’t need as much of it to get an even greater amount of pleasure.
Pay attention to how things affect you. Then your choices come out of your own experience. It’s not just because some book-writing doctor told you to change. You change because you connect the dots between what you do and how you feel.

When you exercise, eat healthier, and meditate, many changes occur — quickly. You think more clearly. You have more energy and you need less sleep. Your skin doesn’t wrinkle as much. Your heart gets more blood, so you have more stamina. And your sexual organs get more blood, so you have more sexual energy.
These changes are sustainable because they come from your own experience.

Food was meant to taste good. It should be sensuous and flavorful. Each bite is to be savored and enjoyed. When you eat to fast, you miss the sensuality of food. Allow your taste buds to come alive and explode with the flavors by eating consciously – eating mindfully. Better yet – live consciously – live mindfully with self-hypnosis.

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By the way, I will be posting soon about Journey to the Wild Divine, but in the mean time, you can check it out here.

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