Decrease Chronic Inflammation

Are you aware that you can use plant-based protein to decreases chronic inflammation? You can. And for more than 100 years people have improved their health and lost weight eating whole grains, vegetables and fruit. Very different from the Standard American Diet and the modern day fad diets that make people sick and fat.

How about you? Are you ready to decrease chronic inflammation? For more than 22 years, I have been helping people make long-lasting healthy lifestyle changes with hypnosis. Many people in my Slender For Life™ Weight Loss Hypnosis program have reported back to me that when they first started hypnosis for weight loss, their primary goal was weight loss. What they discovered was that losing weight became secondary. Their body felt so much better without the chronic inflammation that would have been happy had they not lost weight – they felt that healthy!

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Decrease Chronic Inflammation

Plant-Based Protein Decreases Chronic Inflammation

Plant-based sources of protein decrease chronic inflammation, according to a study published in Current Developments in Nutrition. Researchers tracked protein intakes for 2,061 participants and compared inflammatory biomarkers between total, animal, and plant-based protein sources. Those who replaced animal protein with plant-based protein showed improvements in a particular biomarker associated with overall inflammation and oxidative stress. The authors note that increased plant-based protein may lower the inflammation burden among aging populations.

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