Are you demanding greatness in your relationship? By learning how to hypnotize yourself, you can nurture the greatness within you.  Hypnosis is being used more frequently today in relationship counseling and is proving to be an effective tool for healing relationships. Make positive changes with hypnosis in your relationship and demand greatness!

My good friend Frankie Pérez, wrote in Re-Inventing Cupid, 5 Radical Shifts to Consider Before Your Next Date!, about Demanding Greatness. While this article was written for individuals seeking a partner, it applies not only to all relationships, it seems to me it applies to all aspects of our life. Frankie writes “The universe is not set up so that some few, lucky people get to experience greatness while the rest live a life of mediocrity.  In A Return to Love, Marianne Williamson states that the problem is not that we ask God for too much, the problem is that we ask for too little.  The same applies to relationships.  Most people think that they have this unrealistic list of qualities that no one will ever fulfill.  In reality, that list goes out the window the moment we feel attracted to someone.  Instead of holding out for the extraordinary relationship we deserve, we allow our fear of being alone, our fear of being unworthy or of never finding the person we are looking for to weaken our resolve and we end up settling for someone…anyone!  Our prayers go from “please God help me find someone extraordinary” to “please God help me find someone with a pulse.”  The problem is that we get what we wager for.  If you bargain with Life for a penny then Life will pay no more.  Do not believe for one moment that settling for a mediocre relationship is simply being realistic, that even the best relationship is fraught with disappointment, pain, and struggle.  Extraordinary relationship exists and it is your birthright – you need only dare to claim it!”

Far too often in life we settle. We do not demand greatness from ourselves. Our limiting beliefs such as “I’m not good enough, ” “I’m not smart enough,” “I don’t deserve,” “It’s too hard” or anyone of a multitude of stories we make up and believe to be true leave us stuck in mediocrity. From my perspective, any relationship first begins by having a healthy relationship with yourself. In Filling Your Basket I write that if we want love in a relationship we have to be loving and if we want trust, we have to be trusting. Are you tired of settling in your life? Are you ready to go for the gold and demand greatness from yourself? Are you ready to nurture the greatness within you?

You can nurture the greatness within you by learning how to hypnotize yourself. The Light Switch Self Hypnosis technique is an easy way for you to use hypnotherapy to create greatness.  Watch Light Switch Self Hypnosis and find out how easy self hypnosis is.

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I nurture the greatness within me.

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