Hypnotizability, Absorption and Negative Cognitions
as Predictors of Dental Anxiety
(Two Pilot Studies)

The Journal of the American Dental Association
Jeannie D. DiClementi,PsyD; Jennifer Deffenbaugh; Daniel Jackson, BA
September 2007

This is an interesting research article (brought to me by a hypnosis student who is a dentist) that looks at the roles of hypnotizability, the ability to maintain focused attention on a task as predictors of dental anxiety and the effectiveness of hypnosis in managing dental anxiety. According to the authors, hypnotizability, pre-existing anxiety and cognitions about dental procedures predict dental anxiety, and hypnosis may be helpful in some, but not all patients.

I am puzzled by the research, it seems that the authors believe that some people are not hypnotizable. I believe that 100% of people are hypnotizable and that we move through very trances all the time. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. It is not a question of hypnotic susceptibility; it is a question of receptiveness. If one does not want to be hypnotized or is not in agreement with the suggestions given, then they can not be hypnotized or they will not accept the hypnotic suggestions that are given. My experience is that hypnosis is a very powerful tool in alleviating dental anxiety.

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