I recently had an interesting conversation with one of the dentists in the hallway of the Medical Dental Building about the dental health of people living a plant based lifestyle. This dentist said that she gets really excited when her patients are eating plant based foods. She told me that there gums are healthier, they tend to have fewer cavities and that their teeth were easier to clean.

There are so many health reasons to live a whole food plant based lifestyle and yet the beef, poultry and dairy councils, food manufacturers and marketers continue to sell Americans on the Standard American Diet (SAD). As a result, our health care costs continue to sky rocket and people continue to become fatter and sicker.

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Do Vegans Get More Cavities?

A diet high in saturated fat, which can clog our arteries and lead to inflammation, is considered a key underlying causal factor for periodontal diseases like gingivitis. This may explain why chronic gum disease is associated with sexual dysfunction. By looking in your mouth your dentist may find out more about you than you realize!

We know impotence can be reversed with a more plant-based diet; what about periodontal disease? A new study I feature in my 2-min video Plant-Based Diets: Oral Health found that higher intake of high-fiber foods, especially fruits, may at least slow periodontal disease progression. A healthy diet may also protect the sexual function of women.

There are a number of foods and drinks that have the potential to cause dental erosion, both unhealthy foods like soda and sour candy, as well as healthy foods like fresh fruit and certain herbal teas. In the biggest study to date, consuming citrus fruits more than twice a day was associated with 37 times greater odds of dental erosion compared to those who consumed citrus fruits less often. It also appears risky to consume apple cider vinegar or sports drinks once a week or more and soft drinks daily. These habits resulted in the odds of erosion being ten, four, and four times greater, respectively, than when the habit did not exist.

How can we get the benefits of healthy foods like citrus while minimizing the risks of dental erosion? The most important thing is that we should never brush right after we eat sour fruit. We should wait at least 30 minutes. Acid softens our enamel such that if we brush right away we can actually brush away some of our teeth!

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Plant based foods can help you and your family to have healthy teeth and gums which are essential to your overall health. There are so many delicious, satisfying, fun, easy and affordable ways for you and your family to live a whole food plant based lifestyle. Call or email me now and schedule your first session and start your journey to health.

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