Dental-hypnosisFrom personal experience, Roger Moore knows that going to the dentist can be terrifying. For many years, he avoided going to a dentist and the health of his teeth and mouth suffered as a result. In fact, over 25% of surveyed adults haven’t visited a dentist in over five years due to fear of pain.

You can overcome your fear of the dentist and learn to manage & mitigate pain using hypnotherapy. Imagine being in the dentist’s chair feeling calm and relaxed. Imagine, actually having a pleasant experience at the dentist’s office.

Dental-Self-HypnosisDental Hypnosis Tools
Here are CDs and downloads that will end the fear of the dentist.
Overcome Fear of Dental Procedures Self Hypnosis
Overcoming Fear of the Dentist
Cure Needle Phobia



“After learning hypnosis,I started using self-hypnosis to prepare for much needed dental work. I surprised myself that I was so calm and relaxed. Over the years, I have had dental work without anesthesia, using only hypnosis and remained pain free. I have even had my dentist wake me up from falling asleep in his chair. If you have a fear of dentistry, these CDs are for you.” ~ Roger Moore