Diabesity ~ 40 Percent of Americans Will Develop DiabetesForty percent of Americans born from 2000 to 2011 will develop diabetes. Sadly, doctors have coined the term “diabesity” to reflect the combined effects of the diabetes and obesity epidemics. My Slender For Life™ hypnosis for weight loss program can help you to lose weight and reverse diabesity. At Slender For Life™ weight loss hypnosis we don’t do crazy fad diets like the Paleo. We don’t use weight loss supplements or packaged foods. What we do is teach you the self hypnosis weight loss skills so that you have a healthy desire for plant based food that makes you slender and healthy. And, you learn hypnosis for stress reduction to manage stress and other emotions that may have caused unhealthy eating in your past. You can take advantage of Slender For Life™ hypnosis for weight loss wherever may live via the Hypnosis Health Info Internet Office and of course in my Bainbridge weight loss or Seattle weight loss offices.

40 Percent of Americans
Will Develop Diabetes, CDC Projects

HealthDay News, August 12, 2014: The impact on society will be immense as more Americans end up living longer with diabetes, Sood predicts.

“It’s rendering people incapable of enjoying a good quality of life. It’s raising health care costs at an alarming rate. And frankly, there aren’t enough health care professionals to deal with what’s coming down the pike,” Sood said. “We’re looking at clogging up a health care system that’s already stretched to its limits.”

But Gregg suggested that this gloomy picture can change with effective efforts to combat obesity and diabetes. “If prevention efforts take hold, then the equation for lifetime risk will change pretty quickly,” he said.

But quick-fix solutions such as weight-loss surgery won’t cut it, he added.

“The thing that’s going to have the biggest effect is if people with multiple risk factors can make sustained changes in their lifestyles,” Gregg said. “Weight-loss surgery is an option for some and it is highly effective, but that’s not going to be the solution for the large number of people at risk for diabetes.”

Doctors, public health officials and other health care advocates need to figure out better ways to guide busy Americans to a healthier way of living, Sood said. That includes taking time to exercise nearly every day, eat right, and get good sleep.

Read 40 Percent of Americans
Will Develop Diabetes, CDC Projects

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