This is a very interesting study on blame and the bad effects it has on the body for people living with diabetes. My hunch is that judgments of responsibility for disease onset will impact health behavior with any disease. Self hypnosis can help you change your thoughts and judgments and help you improve your health behavior.

Blame Does a Body Bad

A recent study conducted by Ithaca College professor Mary Turner DePalma determined that self-blame plays a role in how patients treat their type 1 or 2 diabetes. The study was conducted by DePalma, Julia Rollison of MANILA Consulting Group, and Matthew Camporese, a PhD candidate at Adelphi University.

“A great deal of research targets the biological interventions for diabetes,” said Mary Turner DePalma, professor of psychology at Ithaca College. “But far fewer studies examine the psychological factors related to managing the disease. Our study investigated the relationship between judgments of responsibility for disease onset and subsequent health behavior. We hypothesized that increased anger regarding the development of diabetes would be associated with increased self-blame and negative social support and, when coupled with decreased positive social support, would ultimately be associated with the self-report of poorer disease management.”

“Our study shows that interventions designed to improve anger management and increase disease acceptance may offer additional mechanisms to improve diet, exercise and perform appropriate blood glucose testing in individuals with diabetes.”

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