If you have diabetes, lifestyle changes may help mobility. A new study shows that modest weight loss and exercise can cut loss-of-mobility risk by about 50%. Hypnosis can make it easier for you to make these lifestyle changes to increase your health and wellness. When you can move easier and do the activities that you want, you have liberty. Learn self hypnosis and create more liberty in your life.

Have Diabetes?
Lifestyle Changes May Help Mobility

WebMD Health News, March 28, 2012: Losing weight and exercising may help people with type 2 diabetes hold on to their mobility as they age. The good news is that neither lifestyle change requires drastic measures.

The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, shows that losing just a little bit of weight and adding 25 minutes of physical activity a day can help prevent worsening of mobility-related disabilities among people with type 2 diabetes.

Problems with mobility become more common with age. Studies have shown that about 30% of adults over age 50 face some kind of difficulty with everyday activities.

When you look at people with diabetes, that basically doubles. Over 60% of people who have diabetes report some difficulty in their daily activities. Activity limitations include problems like struggling to climb stairs or push a vacuum cleaner, or having trouble bending over to pick up something off the floor.

For every 1% reduction in weight, researchers calculated that people cut their loss-of-mobility risk by 7.3%. For every 1% improvement in fitness, the mobility-related disability risk dropped by 1.4%.

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Here is what Dr. John McDougall wrote in his March 2012 McDougall Newsletter. “There is only one way to really cure type 2 diabetes and that is to stop the cause: the rich Western diet. Simply shift to the traditional human diet based on beans, corn, potatoes, pasta, and breads. There are no obese people in parts of rural Asia where the diet is still based on rice (white rice). Thus, there is no need for weight-loss surgeries to cure type 2 diabetes in any of these people.”

I know that lifestyle changes with self hypnosis can make a huge difference. How do I know? Because it did in my life. I went from being fat and sedentary to slender and active. I have greater health now at my age than I did as a teen and all the way up through my 40’s. I now that the liberty in my life to do the physical activities that I want to do when I want to do them. Learn hypnosis and create the lifestyle you want for your life.

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