How Not To Die ~ Diabetes Reversal

I was telling another client this week about the must read book How Not To Die, by Dr. Michael Greger, as we talked about diabetes reversal with a whole food plant-based diet. This person is a new client that was referred to me by his friend (a former client). Three years ago the former client had come to me suffering with diabetes and he was 60 pounds overweight. I taught the man weight loss hypnosis and mindfulness techniques. He learned that he could use self-hypnosis and change his eating habits. He quickly discovered that when he gave up the chicken, fist, beef, pork and dairy products and started living a whole food plant-based lifestyle, he felt better, he lost weight and within 3 weeks he was noticing remarkable differences in his blood sugar levels. Soon, his doctor took him off all medications for diabetes and high blood pressure.

This new client is diabetic and has about 85 pounds to lose. He’s excited about hypnosis for weight loss although he can’t imagine giving up his meat, cheese and ice cream. But, he has witnessed the remarkable change that his friend has made and believes that if his friend and lose 60 pounds and keep it off for more that three years, then “there has to be something to this hypnosis.” There sure is!

Slender For Life™ hypnosis for weight loss can help you to improve your health, lose weight and keep it off. If you are living with diabetes or other disease, call or email me now.

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Diabetes Reversal:
Is it the Calories or the Food?

By Michael Greger, MD: The successful treatment of type 2 diabetes with a plant-based diet goes back to the 1930’s, providing incontestable evidence that a diet centered around vegetables, fruits, grains, and beans was more effective in controlling diabetes than any other dietary treatment. Randomized controlled trial: insulin needs were cut in half. A quarter ended up off insulin altogether, but again this was a low-calorie diet. Kempner reported similar results 20 years later with his rice and fruit diet, for the first time showing documented reversal of diabetic retinopathy in a quarter of his patients, something never even thought possible. An example was a 60-year-old diabetic woman already blind in one eye and could only see contours of large objects with the other. Five years later,on the diet, instead of it getting worse, it got better. She could make out faces, see signs, and read large newspaper print, in addition to being off insulin, with normal blood sugars and a 100 point drop in her cholesterol. Another patient went from just being able to read the big headlines to being able to read newsprint four months later.

Read Diabetes Reversal: Is it the Calories or the Food?

If you are living with type II diabetes, chances are, you don’t have too. You can change your thoughts, emotions and behaviors to move you closer to health. Weight loss hypnosis can help you to do that. Since 1997, I have been a Health Care Support Hypnotherapist. I have witnessed many people who have used self-hypnosis and improved their health. So if you are wondering if there is “something to this hypnosis, ” let me assure you that there sure is!


Read Insulin Resistance Is a Strong Predictor of Disease,
By Cyrus Khambatta, PhD


I highly recommend How Not To Die by Michael Greger, MD


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