Diet and weight loss ~ Feeling Uncomfortable? Are you thinking about weight loss hypnosis? You can lose weight with hypnosis and most importantly keep it off. Weight loss hypnosis really does work – even though dieting and weight loss can be an uncomfortable experience. In fact, Dr. John McDougall says that changing how you eat can be terrifying. Oprah is talking about her challenges with yo-yo dieting and the uncomfortable experience that she has had. You can use hypnosis for weight loss and overcome the discomfort and create positive changes in your life.

The other morning during a 90 minute spin class Kathi, our instructor, was pushing us hard and seemingly out of nowhere she said, “Feeling uncomfortable? You should. Embrace it! It means that you’re doing what you’re supposed to.” I was stunned. You see, I have been reading and writing about weight loss discomfort and the discomfort of dieting and as I have been doing this research, I have been struck with the question: What’s wrong with discomfort? Why do we think that discomfort is so bad? Then, a few days later she said the same thing – but this time she added that our self-talk should be “I can do this!” She urged us to empower ourselves when we feel uncomfortable.

Most of us really have gotten used to being comfortable. We have warm houses, comfortable beds, abundant food, TV, internet, iPods, and iPhones. We are used to eating as much as we want to eat when we want to eat it. We have gone from being healthy peasants eating from our garden to opulent Kings and Queens celebrating at every meal with the fatted calf and of course along with that comes the diseases of kings and Queens (Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis …). We don’t like to be uncomfortable and for most of us, feeling uncomfortable has almost become foreign to us – we keep ourselves comfortable. I laugh when I think back to my childhood on the farm in Iowa and what it was like in January going out to the outhouse when it was 40 below – now that was uncomfortable! Today, most of us do not know what discomfort really is.

Discomfort Means Success
Changing how you eat is an uncomfortable experience. The fact that you are feeling discomfort means that you are not overeating! But the discomfort is in your mind and just as your mind has the ability to create discomfort it also has the ability to minimize it or even eliminate it. Hypnosis is the perfect tool for you to change your mind – to change your thoughts and to discover that making healthy eating choices can even be comfortable!

My book, Becoming Slender For Life and its weight loss CD set offers you the tools to move through the discomfort associated with weight loss and shows you how to use hypnosis for weight loss. Weight loss hypnosis really works! So, step into the discomfort. Embrace it. And, know that you can be Slender For Life™.

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I can do this.

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