Diet Confusion

In the whirlwind of trending diets and nutritional advice, no wonder that there is so much Diet Confusion. Every day brings a new championed food group and another demonized one, leaving many feeling lost in the nutritional maze. Amidst this chaos, one diet has consistently shown for more than 100 years promise both for our health and the environment: the plant-based lifestyle.

The beauty of a plant-based diet lies in its simplicity. While other diets may shout louder with claims of rapid weight loss or muscle gain, plant-based diets speak softly of consistent health benefits, sustained energy, and a reduced carbon footprint. Science supports this too; studies consistently link plant-based diets to reduced risks of heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers.

Moreover, in an age where diet confusion reigns supreme, turning to plants offers clarity. The focus shifts from restriction and rules to abundance and variety. It’s not about cutting out, but rather, filling up with nutrient-dense, vibrant foods.

So, as we navigate the perplexing world of diets, perhaps it’s time to turn to the greens and grains that have sustained civilizations for millennia. Amidst the noise, the plant-based message remains clear and consistent.


My plant-based journey

My plant-based journey began twenty-eight years ago I weighed 140 pounds more than I do now. I lived on cheese, ice cream, Diet Coke and other foods filled with fat, salt and sugar. Then, our daughter-in-law introduced us to the McDougall Plan by Dr. John McDougall. I was skeptical, but my wife wanted to try it and so I went along with it for six weeks. I noticed within a few days that I felt better and that I started to lose weight. I also was aware of how great the food tasted and I never felt hungry.

Of course I was “dieting” and after the six weeks I was back to cheeseburgers, fries and chocolate malts. I regained the weight and I started to feel icky again. I decided to make a lifestyle change and committed to living a plant-based lifestyle.

My life changed

As I let go of 140 pounds my life changed! My health improved, I felt better, I moved easier, I got off the couch and became active. I ran five marathons, I climbed Mt. Rainier, I’ve carried a heavy backpack for 20 miles and more through the Olympic Mountains and I’ve ridden my bike for thousands of miles.

I became passionate about helping people to lose weight and for many years, focused my practice on hypnosis for weight loss. I also wrote my book, Becoming Slender For Life and created many weight loss hypnosis recordings. Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of people to lose weight and keep it off with weight loss hypnosis

I became friends with Dr. John McDougall of the Dr. McDougall Health & Medical Center and I was blessed with the opportunity to spend a weekend in Santa Rosa, CA, talking about weight loss hypnosis with participants and a McDougall weekend. And yes, there are other plant-based wellness professionals that I follow, (Dean Ornish, Michael Greger, Neal Barnard, Caldwell Esselstyn, T. Colin Campbell and others). Dr. McDougall is still the first one I point clients to so that they can overcome diet confusion.

If you are over weight and are ready to improve your health, I invite you to end the diet confusion and find out about how hypnosis for weight loss can benefit you. Give me a call at 760-219-8079 or send me an email. All sessions are telehealth sessions conducted live online worldwide while you remain in the comfort and safety of your own home.

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John McDougall, MD

Dr. John McDougall

To overcome your diet confusion, I invite you to explore the many resources that Dr. John McDougall has to offer, including his book, The Starch Solution.

Simple Reasoning Solves Dietary Confusion

“But I made the decision to not compromise what I knew to be necessary to attain excellent human health. I took a stand for my patients’ welfare. Now, 40 years later, most educated people accept the scientific truths about protein and calcium. Yet, the challenges continue with “new discoveries that improve upon Nature’s basic designs,” revealed weekly at the news section of your grocery checkout and seen on popular TV shows. News sells products.” ~John McDougall, MD

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My body responds with gratitude when I feed it wholesome, plant-based meals.

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