As I was writing another blog post in my hotel room in Daytona Beach I had NBC‘s Today Show on and heard a story about a woman who dieted with the Jenny Craig system. She ate Jenny Craig meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner and that added fruit, vegetables and whole grains to the meals.

What really got my attention (the view out the hotel room is hard not to look at) was when she started talking about how hungry she was during her weight loss. I thought how sad. And now she is trying to reintegrate real food in place of Jenny Craig meals and is trying to control her portions.

In Slender For Life™ we use eating strategies recommended by Dr. John McDougall and the Physician’s Commitee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). The great news is that by eating vegetables, fruits and whole grains, you can eat a lot and not be hungry. When you are hungry, it means it’s time to eat! Starvation does not work – it is a set up for failure. There is a great video, McDougall’s Total Health Solution that I highly recommend if you are interested in really learning about healthy eating. Becoming Slender For Life can guide you to your goal weight and you don’t have to be hungry to do it – remember – true physical hunger is a good thing – it means it’s time to eat! You may want to also read Why It’s Hard To Maintain Weight Loss.

I’d love to hear about your Jenny Craig experience.

Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I eat healthy foods when I am hungry.

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