Did you know that your diet may be the cause of your negative mood? If you are eating crap…..you feel like crap. Not only will a poor quality diet reflect in your emotions, it will impact how you feel physically. Eating junk food, fast food and processed food is like pouring gasoline on the fire of stress, anxiety and depression as well as physical conditions of the body such as pain, inflammation and disease. Hypnosis for weight loss at Slender For Life™ allows you to take back the power and attraction to addictive food and put you in control.

A poor quality diet is associated with an increased risk for anxiety and depression in both adults and adolescents. Research has implicated inflammation in the pathophysiology of depression. From this perspective, inflammation-enhancing diets could fuel depressive symptoms. For example, a diet high in trans fatty acids has been shown to increase the risk of depression, presumably by favoring the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines.

Other components of the diet that promote inflammation are: refined starches, sugars, and saturated fatty acids. On the other hand, fruits and vegetables, and fiber-rich grains have anti-inflammatory effects. Although a poor quality diet can favor inflammation and depression, once an individual develops depression, that negative mood state can, in turn, further advance inflammation.

Moreover, a negative mood state can adversely impact health behaviors (eg. diet, sleep, exercise, etc), thereby further promoting an inflammatory state. On the other hand, the Plant-based diet, which has an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant effect, has been shown to prevent depressive disorders.

Eat Less Crap:

  • C = carbonated drinks
  • R = refined drinks
  • A = artificial sweeteners
  • P = processed food

If you are eating crap and tired of feeling like crap, then give Slender For Life™ a call and discover how hypnosis for weight loss can help you create joy in your life.

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