Diet in regression of heart disease ~ Dr. Hans DiehlThis lecture on the role of diet in the regression of heart Disease by Dr. Hans Diehl, again tells us that we need to move towards a lifestyle medicine approach where a simple whole food plant based diet has to become the basis for taking care therapeutically of chronic diseases. Nothing else really works. At Seattle hypnosis , Bainbridge hypnosis and now with the Hypnosis Health Info Virtual Office, I have supported people with making healthy plant based lifestyle changes since 1997, with medical self hypnosis. As Dr. Diehl says, “Mechanical approaches to biological problems have their limitations.” When you learn self hypnosis, you can change your lifestyle by creating large amounts of no desire for the foods that make you fat and sick while creating healthy desires for the plant based foods that make you slender and healthy.

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Dr Hans Diehl: The Role of Diet in the Regression of Coronary Artery Disease

Published on Jan 9, 2014: Dr. Hans Diehl is founder and director of CHIP (Coronary Health Improvement Project). He is an epidemiologist and heart researcher with a master’s degree in Public Health Nutrition and a doctorate in Health Science. He is also founder and director of the Lifestyle Medicine Institute in Loma Linda, California and is a Clinical Professor in the School of Medicine of Loma Linda University. He is also a successful author.

This video is a recording of his appearance at the 3rd annual co-sponsored Professional Conference on Enhancing Health with Plant-Based Nutrition, which took place in Portland, Oregon on September 20, 2013. Sponsorship of this event is by Northwest VEG and Adventist Medical Center. This presentation was part of an accredited educational package for health professionals, approved by the Commission on Dietetic Registration, the credentialing agency of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

The Role of Diet in the Regression of Coronary Artery Disease

The processed food industry is making a fortune by slowly poisoning an unwitting population. Are you a typical American that is over fed and under nourished? If so, you too can learn medical self hypnosis to make healthy plant based lifestyle changes. When you learn hypnosis you can reclaim your power and choose nutrition-rich foods.

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