That diet soda in your hand is a chemical poison. Dump it and all the ones in the fridge and in the garage down the drain. In their book “Prescription for Nutritional Healing,” James and Phyllis Balch lists aspartame under the category of “chemical poison.” Research shows that artificial sweeteners can stimulate your appetite, increase carbohydrate cravings, stimulate fat storage and weight gain and may actually double your risk of obesity! I remember when I carried that extra 100 pounds I would down a can of Diet Coke while I waited for the coffee to brew. By the end of the day, I would have finished off at least a 6 pack. I don’t share that to boast – I share because I do remember what it was like to have that craving for more diet soda. I also remember how hungry I thought I was all the time. I knew intellectually that I had consumed enough calories, but I had this drive to eat more. At that time I didn’t realize the Diet Coke was stimulating my appetite. As the director of Slender For Life™ since 1999, I have taught hypnosis for weight loss to hundreds of people who have ended their addiction to diet soda and improved their health.

Three Reasons to Rethink that Diet Coke You’re About to Drink

A fascinating article – Artificially Sweetened Beverages Cause for Concern – recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), challenges the notion that artificial sweeteners are risk free.

The article’s author, David S. Ludwig, MD, PhD, a Harvard professor and Founding Director of the Optimal Weight for Life (OWL) clinic at Children’s Hospital, Boston, makes three important points, especially in the context of artificially sweetened drinks:

1. Our body gets confused by artificial sweeteners – the dissociation between sweet taste and calorie intake may put the regulatory system that controls hunger and body weight out of sync, thus sabotaging weight loss plans. A study on rodents showed that those fed saccharin actually gained weight compared to rodents fed sucrose.

2. We’re “Infantilizing” our taste sense – Artificial sweeteners are a hundredfold sweeter than sucrose (table sugar). By getting ourselves used to so much sweet, normal sweet flavors, of fruit for example, become bland and so do other healthful foods such as grains and vegetables, thus reducing our willingness to consume them and ultimately the quality of our diet.

3. Long term effects unclear – while there have been many studies on artificial sweeteners and disease such cancer, very few focused on long term weight gain. A seven year study, (San Antonio Heart Study), showed a relationship between diet drink consumption and obesity, but the causation is not clear. Consumption of artificial sweeteners is growing yearly. According to Ludwig,

If trends in consumption continue, the nation will, in effect, have embarked on a massive, uncontrolled, and inadvertent public health experiment. Although many synthetic chemicals have been added to the food supply in recent years, artificial sweeteners in beverages stand out in their ability to interact with evolutionarily ancient sensorineural pathways at remarkably high affinity.

Read Three Reasons to Rethink that Diet Coke You’re About to Drink

All those years that I thought I was being healthy by drinking the Diet Coke rather than regular Coke I never thought much about what else that soda was doing to my body. I thought nothing of pouring cola on my cars battery terminals to clean them – that Coke just dissolved all that green stuff! I wonder what it was doing to my stomach. Fortunately, thanks to self hypnosis, I haven’t had Coke or Diet Coke for years.

Many people in my Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge Island hypnosis offices have used weight loss hypnosis to help them to end their desire for diet beverages and to lose weight. Your body is mostly water and it needs to water to replenish. Water is refreshing and and each sip of water can be relaxing. Make water your beverage of choice.

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Water refreshes, replenishes and relaxes me.