What is the key to your weight loss success – diet variety or simplicity? I’d really like to know what works for you? what worked for me when I lost over 100 pounds and continues to work today is simplicity. We cook fairly easy meals in large quantities and we eat the same thing 4 or 5 nights in a row. Some of it get frozen in individual serving sizes to be eaten at another time for lunches.

Studies suggest that variety increases consumption. With monotonous meals, people eat until they are full. Add variety, even something as subtle as different shapes of pasta, and they eat more. Studies dating back to the 1960s have shown that variety can increase calorie consumption an average of 25 percent, according to Megan McCrory, a nutrition scientist at Tufts University.

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Variety vs Simplicity:
The Key To Success

Over the last 25 years of following the principles of “healthful living”, I often hear the following comment… “Jeff, this is SIMPLE for you to do and follow because you have been doing it for so LONG”.

To which I respond… “You have it backwards, the reason I have been able to do this for so LONG is because I have always kept it so SIMPLE.”

Well, turns out that maybe I am correct as my personal philosophy and thoughts were just recently supported by an interesting study that was done. These results may also be able to help many of you by pointing out the “key” component to following a program of healthful living successfully.

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I’m serious, I really hope that you will comment below about your experience with diet variety vs. simplicity. I want my food to taste great and to be full of flavor. I love spices and I love texture. But, I’m good having oatmeal every morning for breakfast. In fact, mornings when I have had something else for breakfast, I have often scrounged up some oatmeal for lunch.

When my wife and I get home at night, neither of us want to cook. It just isn’t going to happen. But, the refrigerator is filled with healthy food that can be quickly and easily reheated…and it tastes so good!

Anyone can learn hypnosis for weight loss and discover how they can decrease their desires for unhealthy food that makes you fat and sick and create healthy desires for plant based meals that make you slender, healthy and strong.

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