NBC’s  Today Show had a great story on Dieting But Not Losing Weight. It well worth watching to avoid some of the weight loss pit falls. In my Slender For Life™ practice I sometimes have clients that get stuck – or they start losing weight slowly. Often, it is because they are not following a healthy eating and exercise regime. Sometimes people are doing really well and think that if they eat less they will lose weight even faster – so they cut back and eat less. Their body goes into starvation mode and fat burning stops. Sometimes they are not exercising. Sometimes they exercise too much. Sometimes it’s a matter of eating too much healthy food.

Hypnosis is an effective tool to use with any weight loss program. All hypnosis is self hypnosis putting you in control of what you are eating, how much you are eating and ultimately your weight. Hypnotherapy is safe and was approved by the AMA in 1958. If you are serious about losing weight, go to Slender For Life™.

Watch Am I Hungry?

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I easily let go of the excess weight.