Discovery and Release for Autoimmune Disease is this weeks hypnosis MP3 download available from the Hypnosis Health Info Store. Since your unconscious has a memory for everything you’ve ever thought, felt, believed or experienced, you know that if you asked it, it could easily tell us exactly why it chose to develop that old disease response. It doesn’t matter in the slightest bit what that reason was ….. the only thing that matters is that you’re ready to be free. Set yourself free with this hypnosis MP3 download.

You are ready to be free, right?

You can now comfortably access your ability to release the old fears or old traumas or old emotions that caused that old way of doing things that had an old reason for being there. Maybe you’ve already got an idea about what it was ….. maybe you don’t …… maybe it’s different than what you knew before now. Your unconscious ……already ….. knows the answer, so you can allow that healing and freedom to arrive by just letting go.

Now as you move forward, you’re going to want to be truly comfortable . . so go ahead and imagine or visualize or pretend that you’re in a tranquil, peaceful, beautiful location of security and serenity …… maybe you’ve actually been here before, or maybe this is a place that’s being created specifically for you – right now. Notice some of the details of this place as you get a sense of it – – comfortable ….. the temperature …… beautiful …… the colors …… calming….sounds …… here right now ……the textures ….. feeling …… at peace.

As you continue to explore and enjoy this place of peace and beauty, you continue to breathe, you continue to hear the sound of my voice, which means you can either wander further inside this beautiful place, or you can find a place to sit or lay down, because you’re receiving the powerful healing of this place either way.

Discovery and Release for Autoimmune Disease is available for immediate download for only $12.97. Length 36:04

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I am ready to be free.

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