At Seattle weight loss hypnosis with Roger Moore I am frequently asked about nutritional supplements. “Should I be taking vitamins and other nutrients like calcium?”

Let me begin by saying what I always say, “I don’t know, that is outside of my scope of practice. Please consult your health care provider and then make your decision based on the facts.”

You may also want to look at the research by Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Michael Greger and the Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine (PCRM).

I also tell folks that yes, I do take vitamin D and I take B12 supplements. I am especially torn on the


vitamin D. I read all the reasons to not take it, but, living on an island in the northwest, it is difficult for much of the year to get even a few minutes of sunlight.

While I do love the sun and love being in the sun, for many months of the year I leave home in the dark and come home in the dark. When I am outside, my body is covered with warm clothes and rain gear. So even on a sunny winter day, I do not get much sun.

Two years ago my blood test showed that I had “negligible” vitamin D. My plant-based physician urged me to take a prescription vitamin D for several months and then had me switch to an over the counter brand.

As I said, my doctor lives a plant-based lifestyle. He has the PCRM Power Plate posted on his wall and he recommends a whole plant-based lifestyle to all of his patients. By the way, if you are look for a physician that truly cares about you, I highly recommend Mark O. McCabe, MD at the Polyclinic.

I followed his advice and my last blood tests showed that my Vitamin D is at a healthy level. I’ve come to accept that for my body, the months of summer sun that I do get aren’t enough to make up for winter’s darkness.

When making your nutrient decisions, talk to your health care provider, do your research and then make an informed decision that you think is best for your body. And, if you do take supplements, make sure that they are a good quality. Bottom line, honor your body and pay close attention to its needs.

A Lesson in Nutrition

“Nutrients are substances that our bodies need for their maintenance, repair, and growth. Our foods contain the following basic nutrients: carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and water.

In general, Americans eat far too few calories from carbohydrates – only about 40%. To make things worse, the kinds of carbohydrates eaten most commonly are “empty calories” in the form of white sugar, corn syrup, and fructose. A healthy diet, like the McDougall diet, is closer to 80% carbohydrate from nutritious foods: starches, vegetables and fruits.” Read A Lesson in Nutrition ~ Dr. John McDougall

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I honor my body and pay close attention to its needs.

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