Do overweight people live longer?

Again last week, some one asked me, “do overweight people live longer?” In spite of what you may find on social media, the answer is “NO.” Current evidence shows that do to the childhood obesity epidemic, we may now be raising the first American generation to live shorter lives than their parents.

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Is the Obesity Paradox Real or a Myth?

“Indeed, when intentional weight loss is actually put to the test, people live longer. There are bariatric surgery studies like the SOS trial that show weight loss reduces long-term mortality, and randomizing people to weight loss though lifestyle changes shows the same thing. Losing a dozen pounds through diet and exercise was found to be associated with a 15 percent drop in overall mortality. Now, exercise alone may extend lifespan even without weight loss, but there also appears to be a similar longevity benefit of weight loss through dietary means alone.” ~ Michael Greger M.D. FACLM

Read Is the Obesity Paradox Real or a Myth?

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